Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Syria: ICOM Turkey Red List

I tend not to post Red Lists, as they tend to include material "of the type" that "could" be being smuggled out, using examples to illustrate it that are actually in museums and safe.

This Red List however includes objects I know to have been stolen from Syria this decade.

Treat with caution.

Ivory or bone kneeling figurine on the cover:

Inscribed items of the type regularly excavated in Syria, including Cuneiform:

Statuettes typical of Syria:

Sculpture in the distinctive styles associated with Palmyra and Dura Europos:

Small objects of the type found in Syria:

Architectural elements and mosaics of Syrian style:

These mosaics have been reported stolen and destroyed so many times by Assad's DGAM, it is hard to be sure what is going on with them, but they should not be on the art market if they appear there:

Architectural elements (Corinthian capitals are often bought by interior designers to make coffee tables: note that these can as sets, not individually, so can almost always be traced back to the building they came from):

Small objects typical of Syria, seals and coins sometimes found there:

Source Turkish Ministry of Culture http://www.kvmgm.gov.tr/TR,160420/icom-suriye-acil-durum-kirmizi-listesi-turkce.html

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