Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mosul Museum, Iraq: Items stolen in 2015

94 objects were stolen from Mosul Museum in 2015, information via Interpol

Please note that finding these items is a priority, as anyone involved in their theft, smuggling and sale is potentially involved in funding terrorism.

Marble relief of a lion with cuneiform inscription.

Marble Islamic tombstone from 611 of Hegira (AD 1214) with arabic inscription. 78 by 41 cm.

Limestone male face of a man, 70 by 50 cm.

Marble bench with low relief carving of three men, with Aramaic inscription.

Teak wood chest of 637 of Hegira (AD 1239), with verses from the Koran and the names of the Shia Twelve Imams.

One of a pair of Lamassu or winged bulls, of blue marble (both are missing).


This theft is considered so serious, that there is dedicated contact information.

Because of the nature of the crime and the involvement of IS terrorists, this theft is a high priority in the fight against terrorism, and any local police or law enforcement can also be contacted (ie if in NY, call NYPD on 911 and the FBI; in the UK call 999, and so forth).

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