Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mosaics reported stolen from Syria

Source: Interpol

An elaborate circular mosaic with a round central tondo with heads whose labels read Thalassa and Okeanus. The labels of the surrounding scene are unclear in the photographs, but the naked women seem like the various loves of Poseidon if he is the male half-figure holding a shield.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.9

Portait of a woman with dark hair parted in the middle, wearing a necklace.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.1

Two doves or birds, against a simple background.
Interpol Folder: 2013/63953-1.1

Mosaic with a dove or bird holding a worm, surrounded by her chicks. Probably from the same mosaic as the one above.
Interpol Folder: 2013/63953-1.2

Mosaic with two bearded males in Roman dress. The halos imply they may be saints.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.10

Described as a male, this is a possibly female personification of the month of Sandikou or Xandithou (April), which was a month of the Macedonian calendar introduced in the region by Alexander, and well attested in inscriptions. The figure wears a cloak, hold a palm branch in one hand and something unidentified in the other.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.3

 A semi clad male personification from the same calendar mosaic as above, the month of Panimou (June). He seems to be holding and standing next to crops.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.4

Mosaic with a winged eros, throwing rose buds from a basket. Inscription: AIAL(? maybe part of Daisios) or MAI. Coated in varnish, white (?) background.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.11

Horned male head, maybe Pan?
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.2

Mosaic showing men leading horses, saddled and ready for battle.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.6

Figures seated at a table and around it, including a veiled women. Unusual architectural setting, with buildings and figures having labels: Antioxou (ie the Personifiction of Antioch), Apama (Apamea) and so forth.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.5

Scene with bathers in architectural setting, which seems to fit immediately below the mosaic above. Naked men swim, watched by richly dressed women. A watermill can be seen to the left, and a painted shield is attached above a door. A tree stump is sprouting a new branch to the right.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.7

Mosaic, originally from same location as above, with two richly dressed seated women, a standing figure behind a table, a plainly veiled woman standing behind them and a child holding something up. Inscriptions name all the figures and the background appears to be a hung cloth.
Interpol Folder: 2012/307779-1.8

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