Tuesday, 25 October 2016

MMFA Montreal: Assyrian Relief (Returned?)

An Assyrian relief with a male head in profile facing left; he holds a shield and spear.

Stolen October 2011, reported missing 2012.

This relief was found in 2014 by the Surete du Quebec, and supposedly returned by AXA Insurance to the Museum who stated that it was a priceless and integral part of their collection.

In October 2016 it reappeared mysteriously on the art market in London: it is unclear whether it was consigned for sale by AXA insurance or the MMFA - or whether it was unlucky nough to have vanished again like the "Takeaway Rembrandt". The item may well be licitly on the market, and likely is, but serious some gaps in the history are missing and no-one seems enthusiastic about explaining them. Therefore, just in case it was stolen again, we have kept it listed here.

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