Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Liverpool: wooden shabti with Book of the Dead inscription

Shabti figure stolen from National Museums Liverpool.

"Wooden shabti, mummiform in shape. Long black wig. Face red with eyes black. Necklace and pectoral painted in black, red and gold. Implements in hands and basket at back. Inscription in eight horizontal lines, in black, round figure with lines in red giving the 6th chapter of the Book of the Dead, but no name of the owner. Feet broken off with only part of column of text preserved."

"Object number M13587 (number with be painted 13587 M). From Joseph Mayer's collection, donated to Liverpool Museum in 1867. Height 244 mm and max width 65 mm. 19th Dynasty c. 1295 BC. Stolen in 1958 (smash and grab)."

Source: Ashley Cooke, Egyptologist & Senior Curator of Antiquities at National Museums Liverpool.

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