Sunday, 30 October 2016

Giglio: the Giglio Helmet

Stolen by a German diver in 1982, this elaborately engraved bronze Corinthian helmet was tracked to Germany soon after.

Although many Corinthian Helmets have been found over the years, the early 6th century BC Giglio Helmet is unique in it's decoration - only one similarly highly decorated helmet has been found, in Israel, one other more recently surfaced on the art market. This helmet was found in a wreck and conserved. According the excavator, Mensun Bound, it then vanished, stolen by a German diver - Bound briefly tracked the helmet down with the thief in 1982, but it vanished again before it could be re-claimed by Italy. It may have briefly surfaced on the Swiss art market in 2004.

Lotus palmette and boars engraved.


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