Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cyrene: Archaic enthroned female

Statuette seated on a throne, female, possibly goddess Persephone or Demeter, hair covered by a veil. According to the excavators it is Archaic Greek period, mid-late 6th century BC. Stone, 7.2 cm high, 4.2 cm wide.

H: 0.072 W: 0.042 Th: 0.022

Soft, light brown limestone, weathered and pitted in places

From the sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone outside Cyrene, Libya
Excavation inv. no. 71-717

Reported Stolen at end of 2001
Interpol Folder: 2000/31561-1.8

Publ.refs: D. White, "Excavations in the Demeter Sanctuary at Cyrene 1971. Second Preliminary Report," Libya Antiqua 9 (1977) 191 n.94, pl.8l b

Statuette; Chipped or broken: top of forehead, knees and front of legs, left foot, edges of throne. Traces of saw marks are visible on the back of the throne.

This statuette depicts a draped female seated on a high-backed throne with arm rests and a footstool.

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