Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cyrene: head of a young girl

Head from a statuette of a girl, fourth century BC / early Hellenistic. The wide nose suggests a portrait rather than an idealised image.

marble: height 12.2 cm, width 8..4 cm.

MPH: 0.122 H(chin to crown): 0.102 MPW: 0.084 MPTh: 0.104
Fine grained white marble (Pentelic?).

Interpol Folder: 2000/31561-1.10

Excavated at the sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone outside Cyrene, Libya.
Excavation inv. no. 73-262

Publ.refs.: D. White et al., "Seven Recently Discovered Sculptures from Cyrene, Eastern Libya," Expedition 18 (1976) pp. 20-21; D. White, "Demeter Libyssa, Her Cyrenean Cult in Light of the Recent Excavations," Cirene e i Libyi, QAL 12 (Rome 1987) p. 90, fig. 8.

Head, broken off at base of neck; Chipped or broken: nose, chin, brows, hair; surface worn.

Head of a young female with a wide face, square jaw and plump cheeks. Her hair is parted in the center, drawn back over the ears, and pulled to the back where its ends are braided together. This thick braid then encircles the head; its plaits are indicated by short incised lines. A wide indentation between the braid and the roughly finished crown probably held a fillet or wreath of another material.

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